Due to repeated abuse, files served from pastebin-like services have been blocked and deleted. I've taken this action due to multiple CSAM reports that can be traced back to these services. It is unfortunate, because I am sure there are legitimate files in here, but I simply cannot watch all ~1,100 videos/files that I just removed in a reasonable amount of time, nor am I a perfect authority on what is and is not CSAM. The safest path forward is to just delete them all.

This may be partially my fault - some time ago I blocked Facebook links from hitting Pomf due to massive traffic. I expect users figured this out and moved to sharing their files through pastebin-style sites as a workaround to that block. The problem is, those paste sites have far less moderation than Facebook around this kind of material, so it didn't actually fix the traffic problem, and exacerbated the CSAM problem. So today, I have unblocked all of Facebook.

In the interest of transparency, I have included the files that have been deleted from Pomf in this link below. If your file was in there and it wasn't CSAM, I do apologize.

Deletion list