Hi! If you found this page, you have either read my "secret" message in the homepage HTML or just found this some other way. This page serves as a better place to document my bug/security bounty page than inline HTML. I know it's not much, but if you find a security bug, please email me at 7666(at)lain.la and I'll evaluate the bug.

(Yes, this program is still valid for 2022 and 2023 and so on. Ignore the 2021 in the URL.)

If the bug is really a security problem, based on the severity of the bug you can get a number of Steam/GOG/Origin keys for the games below! If the bug is critical enough you could end up just getting them all!

Financial compensation is available if the bug is not fixable by myself, and you are an eligible contractor. An eligible contractor means: I like you enough to pay you in buttcoins.


  • You must responsibly disclose the bug to me in private to be eligible.
  • You must not use the exploit for nefarious means before disclosing said bug.
  • The scope of the program is limited to lain.la services only, run by me directly. Friends who host things on my infrastructure are not eligible (except where their security is so bad it compromises mine somehow)

Current keys available: