I've gotten this question a couple times, about how much it costs to run all this. The cost may seem high, but remember, it won't go higher than this since just about every item on my infrastructure wish list is complete, including most of the absurd redundancy stuff. I don't need more nodes, more servers, anything really. So this should be the cap for a long time. EDIT: It always gets more expensive because I'm a maniac. I do keep this list up to date if anything changes.

Note: Not covered in this cost breakdown: Capital expenses (e.g. things I bought one time like servers, switches, cables, etc), Shared expenses (e.g. things that I use for Lain.la as well as personal use, such as Email)

  • Witness instance: $4/mo

Ramnode bill: $4/mo

  • slice1.lain.la: $88/month (Pomf node)
  • slice2.lain.la: $88/month (Pomf node)
  • slice3.lain.la $88/month (Pomf node)
  • slice4.lain.la $88/month (Pomf node)
  • slice5.lain.la $6.50/month (Outbound routing, special services)
  • slice6.lain.la $6.50/month (Seedbox dedicated outbound node)

BuyVM Bill: $365.00/mo

  • 50 monitors pro version - $5/mo
  • All domain monthly total: $13/mo
  • Business fiber line: $45/mo premium above equivalent residential line
  • DMCA Registered Agent Services: $5/mo
Power Bill for On-Prem Infra

Based on my readouts from my UPSes, Lain.la local servers uses about 1125 watts of power consistently. This is broken down as follows:

  • 150W - R730 (main compute)
  • 200W - R730xd (main storage)
  • 175W - R720xd (backups)
  • 60W - R330 (routing)
  • 50W - R340 (seedbox)
  • 100W - ICX 6610 1 (switching)
  • 100W - ICX 6610 2 (more switching)
  • 100W - T5810 #1 (addl. compute)
  • 100W - T5810 #2 (addl. compute)
  • 90W - Misc. infrastructure (NAS, Inverter standby, etc.)

My power bill, after fees and charges, runs 20 cents a kWh. Doing the math:

Power bill: $162/mo

Estimated Environmentals:
  • Server Heat Offset (Gas Bill, Winter, 12 month average): -$40/mo
  • Cooling load increase (AC, Summer, 12 month average): $60/mo
Recurring Inbound Donations:
  • Liberapay: -$5/mo
  • Ko-Fi: -$3/mo
  • Crypto: -1$/mo
  • FranTech Affiliates: -$2/mo
  • Credit Card Point Harvesting: -$12.50/mo

Grand Total: $595.50 a month