Hello! I should really do this more often. We'll break this down into two sections:


None! Yeah seriously. I ain't doing shit lately. My open item list is here and the timeline on all of these is "eventually". Things run too well these days for me to care about making changes outside of maintenance windows. I barely even look at Pomf or any of my other systems because I have decent enough monitoring from pfSense, emails, UptimeRobot, security alerts, or anything else I've written to where I can be largely reactionary. Really happy that I can basically forget about my systems and I'm assured they're running well enough.


Ah, love these. Always blows my mind.

  • CPU: 3.52GHz / 111.04 GHz used.
  • RAM: 157.73GB / 512GB used.
  • Disk: 6.74TB / 19.86TB used.
  • NAS LUN:

  • VM Count: 27 on-prem, 12 (unique) hentai nodes, 5 endpoints, total of 44.
  • Bandwidth: (The below graph is for 1 node) Approx 180TB outbound in March. Actual ISP impact is 7.98TB, so that's a roughly 22.5x cache ratio.
  • Costs: Still the same, power and invoice wise. $219.50 all in. Got a new AC though, so cooling costs (variable, not included) will have dropped a bit thanks to efficiency.
  • Pomf: 120,064 files. Storage below:

  • Uptime: Basically 3.5 - 4 9's across the board. Pretty happy with this, even with the new 1 minute monitoring interval catching my sneaky adjustments every so often. See here for more info.

That's it! See you again whenever I do this again.