Nice PR Version:

I am proud to announce that I have registered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as an Electronic Service Provider, allowing me to submit tips to their CyberTipline regarding possible child sexual abuse material (CSAM) uploaded to any of my services. This allows me to take direct action against abuse of my services in this regard, and help put a stop to the distribution of these materials. This puts right up there with big names such as 4chan, Omegle, Facebook, and other providers, and should show you my extreme commitment to running my services and running them properly. You can view 2020's report as an example:

Please note: I value your privacy as a user of my services, and only CONFIRMED reports of CSAM (by ECO, the IWF, or the NCMEC themselves, or any other authoritative body) will be submitted to their tip line. I verify each request to ensure that it is a valid abuse report. The information contained in the tipline reports are: HTTP POST records, HTTP GET records, HTTP Referrers, and the original material, as well as any other evidence I can find that is available on my services. I am extremely surgical about protecting the privacy of legitimate users and will begin posting transparency reports soon so you can see exactly what I take action upon starting in 2022, once I have a nice way to deliver these.

Not so nice version:

If you upload CP to my Pomf clone I will literally report your ass to the police. Don't try me.

If you upload hentai, porn, people dying, whatever, you're fine. I don't care. Only actual CP/CSAM/Illegal materials will earn my wrath. Pomf operates under a "everything is fine except things that are malware or illegal" rule and this stands to this day.

For more info view my terms and privacy policy at and For any clarification, email