For transparency's sake, these are the documents I am signing to gain access to MD5 hash lists of CSAM to prevent the upload of those files. The MOUs I am signing are attached here (PDFs) and are posted here for you to see what the terms are.

In short - No, I am not signing away A. Pomf, B. My soul, or C. Your data. This will be the single best preventative measure I can implement to try to get the abuse report queue influx trimmed down significantly and prevent the spread of CSAM.

Also FYI - is not a company, non-profit, or LLC and will never be unless it absolutely is required for the longevity of my services. Companies are not fun. I'll be signing these as me, myself, and I. 

Industry Hash Sharing Database Agreement.pdf

Deter Sexually Exploitive Content - Agreement.pdf

Industry Access to Nonprofit Hash Sharing Database Agreement.pdf