I'm still in one of the most aggressive infrastructure upgrade periods I've ever had for Lain.la. I spent 13 hours today just working on upgrades, servers, patching, etc, not to mention the largest maintenance window I've ever had to put up with this month. Let's go over some stuff.

  • Lain.la VMs and Gratis (the free ones I give out) VMs are now firewalled off. I have completed my project to implement a new VLAN and /24 subnet to keep my VMs safe from the unwashed masses (just kidding).
  • All Lain.la VMs are now on Debian 11, and Linux Kernel 5.10. This was like, 30 VMs. Hooray!
  • Starbloom is dead. Long live Starbloom.
  • I have a Poweredge R330 that will become my new core router. I'm putting pfSense on it, to replace DD-WRT and enable multi-WAN later on. The R320 was revived with a new motherboard and is back in service.