Oh boy, what a ride this has been. I got an email yesterday (04/25/2024) from the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, continuing to complain about Christchurch and Buffalo shooter material being hosted on Pomf. Now, Christchurch I can understand why they'd be a bit touchy about the issue, but Buffalo wasn't even their own damn country. Regardless, the material is not illegal by US law in both cases, and therefore it's an automatic deny. I did, however, write them a nice email in reply to provide more than just a "No", but their email provider blocked my reply. BLOCKED I SAY! Looking a lot like China over there, with all this censorship to the point that I can't even talk to their government to state a token case.

Anyway, I wrote a full article for this because there are attachments I want to upload. First, the takedown in question:


And now, the email correspondence with the NZ DIA:


And here's a bonus where I tried to reach out to SMX, their email provider, which has proven that New Zealand can neither handle censorship properly, nor IT.


New Zealand should stop trying to police the world and fix their email instead.