Unfortunately, there's too much bandwidth coming out of some Chinese porn (6 Gbps and counting) that was uploaded recently that is starting to degrade my services a bit. I don't have a good way to reroute this traffic or curb usage of it, so the fastest way to restore service is to just dump the files. It's not a big loss, it's not even good porn.

The following files were affected:


On a more serious note: I hate having to do this. I really do. I'd prefer to find some way to curb (or hell, monetize) users who upload files that exceed normal traffic by 5x-10x. I have an idea but it's scummy as shit, but anything is better than kicking users out. I just have to see if it's feasible and if my pride can stomach it. The idea is simple:

For the top 10 files on Pomf (calculated hourly via nginx logs and ignored if a file 404's), redirect the user to a landing page or middleman service that runs ads. Yeah I know. Ads. Salesmen are the scum of the earth. But it's that or dump files and tell users to fuck off that exceed normal bandwidth. This would provide the following:

  • Automatic curbing of huge upload storms. Show them ads! Half of them will fuck off naturally at the sight of it.
  • Income! Which would allow me to expand services as well as soften the dent my wallet takes every month ($520...)
  • Never having to remove a file due to bandwidth again! Because those user storms would make money now.
  • None of my "real" users would ever be punished with slow downloads or spotty service again with this automatic curbing mechanism in place.
  • None of my "real" users would ever see ads. Time and time again it's porn or third party websites embedding Pomf (against my ToS sometimes) that hits the top 10.

I'm still trying to figure out how to do this that is compatible with embedding, direct file delivery, not exposing users to malware/spam, etc. I may not even go through with the idea because the Ad industry is cancer. But - the above benefits are tempting and if I can do it, it'd be huge.