This article is partially to remind myself what the heck I have made myself responsible for but also list out all the nice things I do. Please see the homepage for links to these services where applicable.

Class A Services:

(Note: Class A Services are ones I take extra good care of. These are expected to stay afloat with minimal or no downtime, and high standards of performance.)

  • Public Gitlab - This is a pretty decked out Gitlab instance. It runs on four 3.5GHz cores, 24GB of memory, a ton of SSD space, has twin Gitlab shared runners, a Pages instance, a container registry, and a publicly available SSH server. I take good care of this.
  • Pomf Clone - Yes, we all know about this one already.
  • Public Ghostbin - For all your secret pasting needs. Two layers of full disk encryption on the backend, and you can opt for a third encryption layer to keep your pastes secret even from me.
  • This blog! Which catalogs the trials and tribulations I endure running all this shit.
  • My implementation of the Lainchan webring, taken from the various Lainchan threads and updated occasionally.
  • An Invidious instance, for proxying Youtube without ads/tracking.
  • The Complaints Department, a Fediverse instance running Pleroma.
  • A Cryptpad Instance, with as much free storage and firepower as the paid tier on the flagship ( instance.
  • An S3 Compatible Storage Service, based on Minio and cached with the same system as Pomf. Email me for access!

Class B Services:

(Note: Class B Services are things I run that are provided as best-effort. They'll function fine, but they're not at the forefront of my vision for

  • Public Mumble Server - I run one of these, that's all.
  • IRC Poker - Its sitting in #poker on Lainchan IRC, but the bot times out a lot and there's an open to-do list on Gitlab. I did make it SSL compatible though!
  • Link shortener - Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Xonotic - Yes, this is up, but not listed on the public server list. Has some custom maps with download functionality!
  • Hentai@Home - I don't advertise this one publicly very often, but I run an impressive cluster of these machines around the globe. At present I am #125 out of well over tens of thousands of participants, providing 6 servers comprising over 6TB of data.
  • A Nginx-rtmp stream server for my personal use and the use of friends, whenever we feel like it.
  • A CyTube Instance with Pomf integration at!
  • Research backups - I seed 10TB of articles across 1,500 torrents, 24/7, to help preserve research, on a seedbox VM I built on a customized Dell R340.
  • Private Tracker Seeding - I seed hundreds of torrents for two private trackers currently, across two additional seedbox VMs on the same server.

Class C (Delegated) Services:

(Note: Class C Services are things that I operate the infrastructure for on behalf of other people but DO NOT take responsibility for, nor operate directly.)

  • Free VPSes - I provide VMs for anyone (that I know) who asks for one, with just about any specs. I currently run 15 of these. There's a Guacamole server for remote access too. Here's some of the highlights:
    • A private tracker run by someone else, where I provide hosting and Gitlab services.
    • Hosting for a bot called Vomitchan.
    • Hosting for a bot called Drastikbot.
    •, an alternate fedi instance and some related services. Don't breathe too hard.
    •, the live status page for the Nulled hosting service.