So if you've ever visited my actual homepage ( there was always a big fat UptimeRobot icon at the bottom where you could call me a shitty sysadmin by staring at my uptime stats. UptimeRobot is a pretty cool service and I had been freeloading for the past year on their free version which, admittedly, is VERY good.

So I got pro recently. They had a sale. It was like $5 a month. No brainer. Here's what I got for going pro:

  • Monitoring intervals are now every 1 minute instead of every 5 minutes!
  • The request timeout is now 15 seconds instead of 30 seconds!
  • Custom domain!
  • Branding on the status page above!
  • A tally of every time I fucked up at the bottom of the status page!
  • You can now go back more than 90 days to see my historical fuckups!
  • Calendar view!
  • Buncha other neato features!

So now I can't slip in quick restarts of services without pissing off the monitors. Oh boy. But hey, it means I'll be just that little bit faster at responding.

NOTE: If you want notifications of actual outages, there is now a little bell icon in the top right of the below page. This will allow you to be put on my outages mailing list where I can communicate issues directly to you. I also pin active problems to the top of this page.