Hello again! Time for updates and metrics.

  • Planning for lain.la takes quite a bit of effort (even for one person). However, most of my plans are largely on paper now, either in the form of the 2022 change list, or the new wish list page. Feel free to suggest or contribute.
  • Stor1.lain.local is ready to go, minus the drives. Looking forward to putting it into production once that's done!
  • Everything using HTTP over the VPN tunnels is now using HTTPS, as it should be.
  • The Wireguard conversion project is now dead, due to complexity and instability. My only motivation for moving was speed.
  • Speaking of OpenVPN speed, I determined that the issue lies strictly with TCP. UDP gets symmetrical 500mbit over iperf3. Need to investigate this lead further.
  • The witness script has been upgraded with new features. And colors.

  • Network separation (for security) is complete, I just have to move the VMs into the new separated network.

  • Nitter is the newest service to join the fleet, at https://nitter.lain.la.
  • Xonotic has been updated to the latest version.
  • Lain.la has been kinda sorta pentested. I paid someone to try to break things. Came out with 2 fixable items! Don't forget, you can pentest lain.la too! Follow the guide.
  • CPU: 7.04 GHz / 111.04 GHz used (CPU GHz is an arbitrary metric derived from multiplying core count * base clock of each server).
  • RAM: 188.89 GB / 512GB used.
  • Disk: 8.79TB / 20.86TB used.
  • VM Count: 31 On-prem, 11 unique Hentai nodes, 7 endpoints, total of 49 VMs.
  • NAS LUN:

  • Edge bandwidth - This number is scary. I mean, seriously. This is a 2.5x increase from the last article. When you multiply for all 4 nodes, and include Hentai, Node 5, and Node 6, this is over 550TB a month. Bonkers! This may become very costly...

  • Internal bandwidth between edge and datacenter (Cache ratio - approx 50x, although 21TB a month might start turning heads at the ISP...):

  • Costs: Not much has changed. Ramnode increased their prices a tad, so we're now at $326.50 per month. Some cost increases might show up:
    • Bandwidth. If Frantech moves on 2 Gbit/s networking, I'm buying in. This might be expensive though.
    • Power. The new storage server will likely be another 200W constant load, maybe more. Another $20-30 a month there.
    • Cache sizes. The numbers on my ISP are a bit too high for taste. I may increase the cache size by 10x or more per node to lower that bandwidth count.
  • Pomf:

  • Uptime: We took some hits in this department, from DDOS attacks, network changes, two ISP failures, etc. Hopefully the numbers will stabilize this month.

That's all for now!