Hello. I'm 7666. I single-handedly run this massive collection of services known as Lain.la. I started all this over three years ago (August 31st, 2020) as a productive outlet for myself, to make systems and services I'd be proud of that were also useful to me and my friends, while keeping privacy and security paramount. As time has gone on, I have purchased large amounts of hardware to install in my house, rented huge collections of virtual servers hosted in multiple clouds, spun up new domains and subdomains, engineered unique security solutions, and expanded my services list beyond my wildest dreams. I like to think I have a reputation now for fast and reliable hosting, whether it be for files, servers, services, etc. Lain.la is used by thousands of people daily across over a dozen countries, all free of charge with no ads or strings attached.

As it stands, Lain.la pushes over 500TB a month of bandwidth from approximately 60 different virtual machines, most at my house, some across the world.  I work diligently to maintain reliability, building capacity where I can. This capacity is not cheap, but I have fronted 100% of the cost for these past years, whether it be for giant server purchases, or recurring operational expenses. These costs have exceeded $15,000 in total at this point.

If you are interested in donating, I now have a Ko-Fi and a Liberapay. Ko-Fi can be used for one time donations, and Liberapay if you want to provide recurring payments. For more privacy, my crypto addresses are below:

ETH: 0x47Cf194Ea49770668cC365feF2a11Ac7dAbaf080

You can also contact me via 7666@lain.la to say hello, suggest something, or get a status update.

I also have a BuyVM affiliate link, if you need a VPS on the same platform that Lain.la runs. This funds the most expensive portion of the infrastructure a little bit for every VM you purchase. https://my.frantech.ca/aff.php?aff=5815

You can send as little or as much as you want. I'll keep it all running either way - but projects will move faster with your help! 100% will go right into Lain.la. No avocado toast or Rolexes. Promise.